Maximize your revenue and increase peace of mind

We will transport and deliver your Non-Resale Goods with precision and care.


At KSWF, we understand the importance of Goods Not For Resale (GNFR) in your retail business. GNFR includes items like shop fittings, cash registers, and staff break room furniture not directly sold to customers. While these items are often overlooked, they can contribute up to 25% of your supply chain cost. That’s why it’s crucial to coordinate and streamline their logistics needs.

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Our team at KSWF specializes in receiving and consolidating all GNFR items. We will efficiently coordinate shipments to your retail sites, ensuring costs are reduced, and every site has the necessary items to drive sales. By entrusting us with this task, you can free up your team to focus on other important projects while we handle the logistics of GNFR.


Save costs, improve efficiencies, and streamline your processes by consolidating your logistics

Take a strategic approach with your warehousing and fulfillment and consolidate your logistics.

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At KSWF, we understand that retailers and manufacturers demand uninterrupted service for store remodels or new store openings. To expedite these projects, minimize retail store disruptions, and reduce expenses, why not consider the value of consolidating your store assets.

Consolidating the coordination of materials, equipment, and human resources in one central place makes everything much easier. It simplifies the process, reduces complications, and avoids disruptions. Plus, it helps manage inventory efficiently, so you can make the best use of storage space and avoid any mistakes with your stock. By consolidating everything, you also get the benefit of cost savings because you can buy larger quantities and optimize transportation. It’s not just about saving money; it also improves communication and coordination between everyone involved, so the whole project runs smoothly and gets completed on time.

Knight-Swift Warehousing & Fulfillment have the resources and technology to consolidate your logistics and make any store rollout or remodel project successful.


Consolidating your logistics has many benefits beyond just efficient store openings. When you merge inventory from different sources, you make better use of space, cut costs, and boost efficiency. Consolidation simplifies operations by eliminating duplicate tasks and minimizing handling and transportation needs. (See cross-docking) It also improves inventory visibility and accuracy, which leads to better management and fewer stockouts. Plus, consolidation lets you take advantage of economies of scale, so you can negotiate better shipping rates and process orders faster. All in all, consolidating your warehousing and fulfillment increases productivity, lowers costs, and makes customers happier.


Streamline your logistics and fulfillment operations by bundling multiple items into a single kit

Kitting makes managing inventory easier, improving order accuracy and enhancing customer satisfaction.


Kitting is the process of putting together individual items or components to create a finished product or kitready for shipping. It involves gathering the necessary items from inventory and combining them into a single package or unit.

Knight-Swift Warehousing & Fulfillment offers kitting services to help you streamline your supply chain management. By bundling individual items, components, or parts into a single kit, we make it easier for you to manage inventory, reduce shipping costs, and improve overall efficiency.

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We provide customized kitting solutions that are tailored to your unique business needs. Whether for retail displays, promotional campaigns, subscription boxes, or other projects, we ensure you receive high-quality kits that are accurately assembled, labeled, and delivered on time. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with you, our client, to understand your specific needs and requirements.


High-volume rollouts are carefully optimized, planned, and executed

Our time-tested processes and meticulous planning ensure successful high-volume rollouts.

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High-volume rollouts involve deploying products or services to a large customer base. To ensure a smooth and efficient process for logistics and fulfillment in such rollouts, KSWF addresses several key considerations.

Firstly, effective inventory management is crucial. Accurate demand forecasting and inventory planning help prevent stock-outs or overstock situations. Real-time inventory tracking and automated replenishment systems streamline the process.

Adequate warehouse space is essential to accommodate increased product volume. Efficient layout design, optimized storage systems, and well-defined picking and packing processes enhance productivity. Distribution networks need to be expanded or optimized to reach a larger customer base within the desired timeframe.

Streamlining order processing is vital. Automated order management systems, integration with e-commerce platforms, and efficient order-picking strategies expedite fulfillment and reduce errors.

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Coordinating transportation logistics is crucial for timely delivery. Collaborating with reliable shipping partners and optimizing routes expedite transportation. Technologies like GPS tracking and route optimization software enhance efficiency and provide real-time shipment visibility.

Scaling up customer service and support capabilities is also crucial. We have trained customer support staff to handle increased inquiries and resolve issues promptly. We also have an established streamlined process for returns and reverse logistics. Our clear return policies, return labels, and prompt refunds or replacements streamline the return process.