Driving sustainable solutions and building a greener future

KSWF is committed to being an environmentally responsible company.


Knight-Swift Warehousing & Fulfillment is committed to being an environmentally responsible company that values sustainability and promotes eco-friendly practices. As part of our ongoing commitment to this important cause, we have several exciting plans for our pollution-free practices and environmental initiatives.

Moving forward, we plan to increase our efforts to reduce our environmental impact and promote sustainable practices throughout our operations. This includes initiatives such as reducing waste, increasing energy efficiency, and promoting eco-friendly practices among our employees and partners.

As a company we’ve already made improvements such as changing our lighting to energy saving LEDs, replacing propane forklifts with electric, and partnering with various customer sustainability programs. We plan to continue investing in new technologies and innovations that will help us reduce our carbon footprint and increase our eco-friendliness.

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We believe that the state of the environment is everyone’s responsibility, and we are committed to doing our part to protect it for future generations. We look forward to continuing to make progress in our sustainability efforts and working with our partners, employees, and communities to create a more sustainable future for all.